In honor of Earth Month, we’re thrilled to announce that we just launched a new eco-themed TV series with NYC Media called Urban Green. In this eight-episode series, we’ll examine different ideas about eco-living in the Big Apple. From foraging in Central Park to micro apartments to eating banana peels, we’ll share some new ideas on what you can do to rethink your relationship with this planet we all call home. Urban Green will be airing on NYC’s official TV channel (Channel 25), but if you’re not in the area, you can watch all of the episodes right here at thanks to YouTube. Our first episode (below), takes us into the wilds of NYC’s Central Park on a foraging expedition with renowned plant expert Wildman Steve Brill. Check it out!

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Original video by Brit Liggett edited for NYC Media by Little Darling Productions with Jason Jenkins.

Living in the big city, it’s easy to forget where our food comes from and how it’s grown. Foraging is a wonderful way to learn about the edible plants growing right in the giant backyards we call parks, and to connect with the nature that surrounds us. It’s also a way to ease some of the burden on our food supply chain, and to control edible weeds that dominate other species. But unless you know what you’re doing, remember to always consult an expert before eating anything you pluck from a park.

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The pickin’s are plentiful right now in New York City, and some of our favorite spring treats can be found. Look for violet leaves, garlic mustard, yellow wood sorrel, common mallow, poor man’s pepper, and even cattail stalks (that taste sort of like fresh cucumber when you peel them). Can you imagine how tasty and satisfying a spring salad made out of food you foraged yourself would be?

We hope you enjoyed the first episode of Urban Green and don’t forget to stay tuned on Channel 25 and our YouTube channel for Episode 2!

Many thanks to NYC Media for making Urban Green a reality and to videographer extraordinaire Brit Liggett for allowing us to use the footage from the foraging video she originally shot and produced for us.

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