Spring is finally here, which means fair-weather cyclists and picnickers are popping up in droves at parks across the nation. In celebration of craft and the great outdoors, Lumbürr Co combines the best of the two worlds into one with the Lumbürr Bicycle. The raw-finish steel bicycle is equipped with a wooden crate for your picnic goodies and games, a carrier for a wool blanket, and even hand-carved antler handlebars for that extra custom finish.

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Based in Toronto, the Lumbürr Co design studio and workshop specializes in “handcrafted products built around a day at the park” and prides themselves on their use of locally sourced materials and craftsmanship. Influenced by Canadian and Swedish designs, the Lumbürr Bicycle epitomizes this design philosophy with its natural and locally sourced materials. All the wooden materials are designed and handmade by a group of retired woodworkers in Sudbury.

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The cedar rear crate can fit two wooden carrying cases for everything from Lumbürr Co’s favorite Six-Pack-O-Kubb Swedish wood flinging game to a collection of craft beers and mason jars. The hand-carved antler drop bars are curved inwards, hopefully to minimize the chances of accidental impalement. Since the bike is installed with top mounted brake levers, however, chances are you shouldn’t be crouching low enough on the bike to prick yourself on the hand. The minimalist single-speed bicycle is also outfitted with a Brooks canvas and rubber saddle and red accents.

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