Just when you thought green towers couldn’t get any greener (or more towering), there’s a new kid on the block. The Aquarius Tower, a 500-foot tall condominium to be built in Atlanta, is the latest to join the burgeoning ranks of iconic green hi-rises. The building is designed around the four elements of life: sun (solar panels), water (reclamation systems), air (wind turbines) and earth (a minimal footprint).

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The energy demands of the tower would be met by the sun and wind energy, using cutting edge technology. To harness the wind energy a five floor wind tunnel, which would house 60 turbines, has been planned. The top of the building, which appears like a billowing sail, would be fitted with solar panels to harvest the energy from the sun. The solar and wind power, combined, would meet half of the building’s power demands, while recycled building materials and thermally efficient products would be used throughout the construction. Plans are afoot to add more sustainable features.

The tower boasts of one of the most advanced space age underground automated parking systems of this century. The technology optimizes space utilization, which allows for more cars in less space. This helps get rid of congestion in parking places. The tower has provision for multiple movements executed simultaneously on various floors, allowing for maximum speed of retrieval. The parking system eliminates the risk of vehicle damage, theft, or the potential for personal injury. There would be no cars driving around the parking, a significant step towards reducing the pollution.

The tower also promises many more features and amenities like 24-hour concierge, valet parking, high-speed passenger and freight elevators, security cameras, swimming pool, spa, exercise room, event and club lounge, guest suites, etc. Each condo unit would also be equipped with modern day amenities.

The tower has been designed by Antonio Escandari, the founder of an architectural design firm Tuscany Corporation. Antonio Escandari has earlier designed the 57,000 square-foot Evander Holyfield Estate, one of America’s largest and most opulent homes.

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