Italy’s leading manufacturer of high-end lighting, iGuzzini illuminazione, has just announced its new Archilede LED street-lighting system for the U.S. market. The innovative LED lighting system saves more than 40% of the energy used by traditional streetlamps and has many other innovative features that make it a leader in efficient systems for road lighting. In addition to its impressive performance, the light’s stylish form factor makes it a desirable choice as compared to the clunkier models or yore.

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Developed in conjunction with energy provider ENEL Sole, the new LED light uses significantly less energy than standard street lamps. Its groundbreaking optics and intelligent electronics reduce light pollution and energy usage without sacrificing performance. The streetlight also decreases operating costs, which provides a clear incentive to support the energy-efficient system.

Archilede lights have already been installed throughout Italy, Zurich and Geneva. ENEL Sole say that thus far, “the results have been very encouraging with more than 250 municipalities opting for the new LED systems.” It is reported that the four Italian pilot cities, Alessandria, Lodi, Piacenza and Monza, have saved about 90,000 kWh per year on public lighting. That’s about 55% of the energy consumption they might use with traditional systems.

Archilede will be available in the US beginning in September 2010, and will be sold exclusively though iGuzzini’s newly opened New York showroom.

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