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According to the project details, the entire structure will be built using a modified version of Enrico Dini’s oversized D-Shape printer. And we’re not just talking one basic house here. No, Kushner is determined to build a massive swimming pool, pool house and car port to go along with the four-bedroom, 2,400-square-foot home, eventually creating one enormous 3D-printed estate.

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Although still in the planning stages, the residence is slated to be built about 85 miles from New York City on a 5-acre parcel of land that Kushner and his wife purchased three years ago. Kushner explained that it was the plot’s naturally rocky landscape that inspired the ambitious 3D design. “The materials on the site will be used to form the pieces of the site, which reflect the very characteristics of the site, which stems from the materials found on the site,” explained Kushner. “I think it’s a perfect circle.”

The 3D design scheme stems from the geomorphology of the rocks found in the area, inspiring Kushner to print the entire estate using the rocks for aggregates in the building process. According to 3D Print, using Enrico Dini’s D-Shape printers, which differ from the common fused deposition-based models, will allow Kushner to print the necessary materials using on-site resources such as sand, which will be combined with a magnesium-based binding agent.

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Kushner is still waiting for the delivery of the large-scale 3D printer from Italy. However, if all goes well with US customs and NATO approval, the machine should be on-site in May and the team hopes to begin the first trials and test prints using the new machine by June. Once all of the kinks have been worked out, the team expects to begin 3D printing the pool, followed by the pool house and car port. The last piece of the 3D puzzle will be the most challenging – printing and building the 2,400-square-foot house itself.

As far as why this project is so important to Kushner, he explains that by starting on such an ambitiously-sized estate, the 3D home building process can later be used for far more important and diverse tasks, such as producing affordable housing or emergency shelters. “If we can build a pool, then we can begin building reefs, and repair bridges, bulkheads and other underwater structures which there is a huge worldwide need [for],” said Kushner. “The thought is that if we can build a pool house and modest enclosed structure, then it is a short step to building emergency shelters and low cost housing units.”

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