Dutch design firm The Nieuw has just given a breathtaking makeover to an abandoned warehouse sitting among the natural hills overlooking northern Ibiza. Working in collaboration with Ibiza Interiors, the architects gutted the interior of the 100-year-old warehouse before converting it into a solar-powered, off-grid refuge with a vibrant contemporary design — complete with a yoga platform on the roof.

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White, cube-like structure with front porch surrounded by plants

Located in a remote hillside overlooking the island’s beautiful views, the 861-square-foot Campo Loft guesthouse was designed to blend in with the its picturesque Mediterranean setting. Using the landscape as inspiration for the design, the architects set out to create an “industrial open living space on the field,” which would take shape as a stunning two-bedroom, one-bath bungalow that runs completely on solar power.

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White house with front porch

front porch of home looking out over an island

Despite the desire to turn the old workshop and storage warehouse into a modern guest home, the design team worked hard to retain any of the building’s original features. The original walls and parts of the roof were kept, while the large steel-framed windows and openings are new. Throughout the compact structure, traditional Ibizan building styles and materials were incorporated: concrete floors, mud-plastered stone walls and “sabina beams” made out of trees that grow on the island.

white living room with leather sofa

dining area with large artwork on the walls

From the outside, the home is a humble structure with an all-white facade that pays homage to the traditional, local style; however, the exterior conceals a stunningly contemporary interior design. At the heart of the home is a stone fireplace surrounded by glazed openings on either side. Modern furnishings were used sparsely, enhanced by large pieces of artwork.

fireplace with two large windows on either side

white bedroom with gray bed

While the two bedrooms are tucked into the north side of the home, separated by a massive bathroom with a large soaking tub, the home’s social area is on the private terrace, which provides stunning views. Surrounded by fruit trees and a vegetable garden, the house even has a yoga platform on its roof for residents to get bendy while soaking up the sun.

swimming pool surrounded by greenery at sunset

gravel leading to white home with covered patio

The design is also 100 percent self-sustaining. The main functions such as hot water, floor heating and electricity are all generated by solar power. Water from a private well is used for drinking and bathing. Additionally, the house has multiple passive features such as natural air ventilation and natural light to create a stable temperature year-round.

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Photography by On A Hazy Morning via The Nieuw