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Designed first as a 100 sq meter space, the studio was stretched thin and wrapped into a ring. Hidden storage spaces, compartments, shelving and doors were added to create an irregular shape, but also to break up the monotony of the ring. Like a labyrinth, the studio is suited to endless walking (around the floorplan) and is perfect for contemplation. The interior courtyard holds a large table and a tree to experience nature in solitude. DHL Architecture designed the space for the modern day artist, who thinks and collects information about the world around them, so the space and storage are meant to hold these collections.

The exterior is coated in a shiny material to reflect the surrounding nature and help the building blend into its environment. The interior is built from light wood, translucent polycarbonate panels and recycled old wooden doors. While the exterior is opaque and blocks the views and the light, the translucent panels on the inside flood the small space in natural light. Built to a 1:2 scale, it is neither a whole building nor a model, but a half size space more appropriate for perhaps a child. Cozy and compact, the studio was a temporary structure which appropriately used only half of  the materials it otherwise might have used.

Via ArchDaily