Food trucks helped bring a whole new variety of mobile eats to New York City and now a few enterprising clothing stores are following “suit.” Haberdashery specialists Arden Reed decided to jump on the bandwagon an old delivery truck and convert it into a mobile tailoring station to bring their custom suits to the masses. Dubbed the “Tailor Truck,” the mobile outfitter goes door-to-door to measure customers and deliver made-to-order suits, shirts, and other formal wear.

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Showing off a flair for new technology, Arden Reed has equipped the tailors on its truck with newfangled 3D scanning technology to create truly form-fitting suits. The suitmaker claims that 3D scans can produce a completely measured model in just 15 minutes, whereas fitting with tape measures and incline tools takes an hour.

The firm’s truck is equipped with 14 sensors that capture the suit wearer from six different angles at seven different heights. This complex system resolves accurate measurements within five millimeters. From there, the high-tech suit making continues with laser cut wool to deliver a complete outfit in four to six weeks. As its latest techie addition, Arden Reed has begun accepting Bitcoins, the new cyber currency, as payment.

Currently, you can find the Tailor Truck making its rounds at Union Square and Midtown throughout the week. While the Tailor Truck is only a New York experience for now, Arden Reed hope to expand its business to Los Angeles and San Francisco in the future.

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