Here’s a piece of furniture that lets a child spark their imagination without having the parents run for the wood protector, Windex, or an upholstery cleaner. The Fundy Play Table, shown here with the Taj Chair, comes with its very own drawing surface in the form of a chalk board or a dry erase board (whichever you prefer), in a very clean white finish or a more playful orange. Complete with enough storage room for all the necessary tools any child requires when drawing their next master piece, other arts and crafts, or even the toys you want kept out of sight, the Fundy Play Table is also safe for the little ones complete with slow closing hinges and locking casters.

The designers of Fundy Play Table at Argington didn’t forget how fast little one’s grow and have included two different height legs with each Fundy Play Table assuring that your child’s imagination can run wild over this table top making it just as enjoyable for the child in you.

$399 from Design Public