Argo Medical Technologies just unveiled a new generation of the ReWalk exoskeleton, a device that enables people with spinal cord injuries to sit, stand and walk. The ReWalk Rehabilitation 2.0 is a redesigned model that features an improved learning interface specially designed to support beginner users and is resizable in order to fit a broader range of patients.

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The ReWalk suit features a patented technology with motorized legs that power knee and hip movement. The system incorporates an on-board computer with motion sensors that allow for self-initiated movement that looks and feels natural. The system operates through subtle changes in center of gravity and controls movement by mimicking natural walking speed.

The new model has a size adjustment mechanism which fits users between 160cm-190cm in height. Beginners are enabled to get used to the suit more quickly by choosing the Beginner Gait Mode which significantly improves the learning curve and allows for a more independent use of the exoskeleton.

“I am very excited to launch this new generation of exoskeleton technology. We have learned from the everyday use by clinicians and the experience of their patients and believe as a company it is essential we continue to enhance this technology to meet the needs of those working with it.” said Larry Jasinski, Argo CEO. “The ReWalk Rehabilitation 2.0 offers an experience that is very close to natural walking and this new model will improve the learning curve to allow ReWalkers to quickly gain comfort as they begin to walk independently.”

The ReWalk exoskeletons are currently available as two models- the ReWalk Rehabilitation, which is available in the United States, Israel and Europe, and the ReWalk Personal, launched in 2012, which is pending FDA review in the United States.

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