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Kronborg Strandby, Beach Town Kronbog, Arkitema Architects, beach housing, sustainable housing, wooden houses

To be located on a stretch of beach right up from Kronbog Castle, the residential beach development will enjoy views of the ocean, the famous castle and Sweden’s landscapes. The development will create around 100-150 dwellings in three different types of houses: beach villas, beach houses and town houses. The villas are larger 2 or 3 story homes located on the first formation of buildings next to the water, while the beach houses are slightly smaller homes set in the second formation. Finally, the town houses are six-story multi-family buildings with terraces and balconies to enjoy the views. Arranged so that the wooden houses stand at varied angles, the little village will be vibrant with intimate spaces.

Aesthetic, social, economic and energy sustainability area all very important parts of Kronborg Strandby. Each home is built of sturdy materials, with access to views and natural daylight, and the slanted roof is ideal to incorporate solar energy systems into. The judges were very enthusiastic about the winning proposal, commenting: “site plan, architecture and individual layout of the houses and apartments all work together to provide a bid for a highly sympathetic housing development, providing what you might call privatized collectivity, which heralds a modern way of life.”