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Debombourg’s illustrious career began in Paris in 2002 and has continue to get better ever since, culminating in Aggravure III. This particular project takes as points of reference the protagonist Icarus, Renaissance mannerism, and Air Force One – all of which display pathos, beauty, and unnatural behavior, according to the artist.

In this way, the staple – a ubiquitous piece of metal present in just about every office across the planet – becomes both the material and the media. When placed in succession, they emerge as giant etchings that bear uncanny resemblance to 16th century engravings and are even more powerful in an industrial context. Only a lingering look at the images in our gallery can reveal the scale of this extraordinary project, so take a peak and enjoy!

+ Baptiste Debombourg

Via This is Colossal

Images via Baptiste Debombourg