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Carlos Amorales, moths, Black Cloud, butterflies, Espacio AV

Amorales first displayed Black Cloud at the Yvon Lambert Gallery in New York with them in 2007. In 2008, he repeated the feat, displaying the moths again at Philadelphia Museum of Art, and again at Espacio AV, a former boroque church in Spain that has been converted into an art space. In the former church, it took 14 people working around the clock for five consecutive days to install all 30,000 moths in the show.

Individually, the paper moths are beautiful, elegant, and benign, but when clustered together in such large groups, they take on a more ominous quality. “Multiplied to create a dense mass with both wondrous and threatening qualities, Black Cloud becomes a surreal yet sublime gathering of insects delicately poised in sculptural formations that suggest the potential for harm, destruction, and irreversible doom,” explained the curators at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Images via Yvon Lambert

via Colossal