The old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is definitely true for mosaic artist Jason Mercier, who works almost exclusively with discarded materials. His newest portrait, a strikingly realistic image of the late tech giant, Steve Jobs, is made out of various disused Apple products such as iPods, headphones and a Macintosh keyboard. While it may not be unusual for “junk artists” to use trash as a medium, Mercier personalizes his recycled materials of choice by matching them to each subject.

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Mercier has made quite a name for himself as a modern portrait artist. Previously he has made a portrait of Lady Gaga with combs and sunglasses, a Margaret Cho out of her own garbage and even a Donald Trump portrait out of cellphone pieces and dollar sign trinkets. His elaborate works can take up to 50 hours of work or more to complete, but the tedious art form is a labor of love for the determined artist. Mercier explains, “I enjoy trying to match the items with the essence of each unique subject. The celebrity culture art theme has always been there. As [a] kid I remember obsessively clipping and scrap-booking pictures from the TV Guide of my favorite shows.”

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Via Design Taxi

Image by Nick Cookendorfer