James Dive of The Glue Society has compacted an entire amusement park – including coasters, plush prizes, bells and used tickets – into a single cube. Entitled “Once”, the demolished amusement park sculpture was built to evoke childhood memories of fun rides, cotton candy and bumper-cars.

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There is something eerie about the exploded, squeezed and shattered pieces of what was once a micro-universe of fun. The tiny compacted cube contains the same ingredients but lacks the essential function – however it’s a beautiful example of how a structure as big as an entire amusement park can be reused and turned into art.

The artist used an industrial crusher to create the four-meter cube, which now stands on the shores of Aarhus as an abandoned memory box. The piece is part of Denmark’s ongoing Sculpture by the Sea Show.

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Via Gizmodo, It’s Nice That