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In her work, Mia Liu enjoys exploring the hidden world of every day objects. By examining mundane items through a different angle, like these thousands of admission tickets to the Guggenheim, Liu reconstructs the simple and ordinary into the elaborate. As she states on her website:

“I attempt to tell about the overlapping of the two world in my recent works, through a rather physic way. I also wish to construct a new personal experience and perception by remake or re-construct daily objects. In some works, the moving of light and materials play a big role. I am truly amazed by the influence between the two world brought by the two aspects. I pay close attention to the visual influence of light on material. This will lead to the distortion of people usual perception on daily objects, and eventually, a wonder comes into being. Light and material circulating and moving, and audiences are forced to look at the moving focal point. They will never be able to see the whole but can feel the difference in between.”

Liu graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007.  During that same year, she enrolled in CUNY Hunter College’s School of Art.  Since graduating, she has had a number of solo shows throughout Taiwan and the United States. While she enjoys drawing freely, her fascination with textures led her to use paper as her primary medium for these amazing pieces. Taking recycling to the level of high culture, Liu reinterprets the objects used to gain access to the world of art into the artwork itself.

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