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Olga Ziemska, Sculpture, nature art, natural art, Heartwood rabbit

In Stillness In Motion, one of Ziemska’s most impressive sculptures, Ziemska uses only cut willow branches and wire to depict the silhouette of a woman, with flowing branches extending behind her. In other works, like Listen and How i learned to listen… she adds a human appendage to materials found in nature, grafting plaster hands on the top of slender birch trunks and attaches a clay ear onto a conch shell.

“Art allows us to question values, morals, philosophies, religions, science, physics, and our selves,” explains Ziemska in her artist’s statement, “giving us the tools to help understand and see further into the nature of the world that is above, below and in-between.”

Ziemska was born in Parma, Ohio and earned a bachelor of arts degree at the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2000. According to her website, Ziemska is currently working on a large outdoor sculpture that will be on display at Columbus State Community College, beginning in fall 2012.

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