Artist Chris Godfrey is fed up with processed food. As a commentary on the state of our food system, Godfrey created a 12-course meal from local, organic and artisanal food – and then he packed it into a can layer by layer! The 12-course meal includes delicacies such as local cheeses, foraged ramps, risotto and grilled mustard greens, and it’s a far cry from the Spaghetti-O’s and SPAM that we’re used to seeing in cans.

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Canned food has never been this fancy – Chris Godfrey’s 12-course meal offers a rainbow of delicacies, in cylindrical form of course. Godfrey pulled out all the stops while preparing the layers – the can includes appetizers like pickled kobe beef with charred strawberries, a pear ginger juice palate cleanser, and “Crack” pie with ice cream and vanilla tuile for dessert. The entire meal, which sounds a bit like something Willy Wonk would serve, comes to a close with a hazelnut latte.

Godfrey took each artisanal or whole food ingredient, and heavily processed it while adding gelatin to form it into layers. The project is a statement on food and the gimmicks that corporations use to get consumers to buy their not-so-healthy products.

Godfrey’s 12-course meal may not look like the most appetizing can on the shelf, but the artist drives the point that consumers buying canned foods are also ingesting a lot of other things (like preservatives and gelatins) along with their meal.

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Via Daily Mail