Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang scour one remote beach in Northern California looking for debris to turn into their poppy and artistic ‘Beach Plastic’ pieces. Combs, toys, disposable lighters – anything and everything discarded and washed up onto their local strip of beach at Kehoe Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore is picked up and taken to their studio. There the pieces are scrubbed clean, categorized, and stored away until they find the perfect home within the couple’s eco artwork.

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The two have been recycling debris since 1999 and have made a wide variety of of plastic-based art inspired by the found objects, including abstract colourful constructions, printed pieces, and even a quirky toy soldier wreath! They say they are “attracted to things that would show by their numbers and commonness what is happening in the oceans around the world”. However, they focus their attention on a single beach, producing from the litter a creative record of all the plastic pollution that has buoyed from shore to shore, and the local sites it affects.

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Images courtesy of Beach Plastic