You could say Australian artists Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad are like two peas in a pod. Each share a love of nature, and it is this mutual passion that has led them to take a literal approach to landscape art.  Instead of picking up a paint brush, they create contemporary eco artworksmade simply from a range of native seedcasings.

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Woody Pear, Rose Banksia, Red Flowering Gum, vines and wiggle wood are just some of the raw materials they use to create tactile art that exhibits extraordinary depth and texture. The seed casings are sustainably sourcedfrom conservation programs around Australia, and are decoratively placed to reflect the local landscape.

Such is the variety of seed pods used, that up to ten different regions of Australia can be represented in just one single piece of art.  Just three years young, Cardamatis and Saad’sworks already adorn the walls of offices, resorts and homes around the world, and plans are afoot to bring an exhibition to the USA later this year.

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