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In the beginning of Virts’ epic journey, the astronaut began tweeting images of familiar sites to his fans. A cloudy but brown image of the California drought was observed early on, detailing its vastness from above. Glittering images of the artifical lights of the urban landscapes around the world looked like fire. Expansive cloud cover, weather patterns and electrical storms were shared as he orbited Earth. Virts captured swirls of the ocean and water movement, snowcaps on mountains, and even an iconic image on his last day- a view of the Great Pyramids in Egypt!

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In addition to Earth-views, Virts tweeted fantastical imagery of space. The glow of the sunrise over the curvature of the Earth was captured almost daily, with a changing surreal lighting of the horizon line. His images showed streaking satellites moving across the sky close to his space craft, the blur of other stars as seen from above the planet, and of course an entirely different view of the moon.

To accompany these gorgeous celestial imagery, Virts reminded us of his humanity, with pictures of the daily goings on of his fellow astronauts, including the comical horsing around that can go on during long trips. The pictures also captured some of the space craft’s features, like solar panels and exploration arms.

The amazing images were brought to any interested person at home with Virts’ Twitter feed, which shared his first hand experiences thanks to social media.

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