Andre Kempe and Oliver Thill’s Hedge Building is a beautiful garden-clad pavilion that has ivy creeping across every wall! The German architects created a ‘smart screen’ using green walls to introduce a living element to the space. The building’s towering ten-meter-high living walls create a dramatic cavernous space that is closed in on all sides by the green leaves of the ivy.

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Andre Kempe and Oliver Thill created the Hedge Building for the International Garden Exhibition IGA in 2003. A translucent plastic screen covers the top of the pavilion, allowing light to reach the living walls below. By exploring the spatial potential of plants in contemporary architecture, the team examined the relationship between man and nature.

Atelier Kempe Thill explored the logic of Dutch agriculture and green design by creating a balanced and modest space that is perfectly at peace with nature. The climbing ivy makes the space a dynamic site that is constantly evolving and changing. Inside, daylight filters down through the enclosing hedges, and the moving leaves cast shadows on the walls to give the living building a sense of motion and fluidity.

+ Atelier Kempe Thill

Images via Atelier Kempe Thill