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K-Abeilles Hotel for Bees, AtelierD, bee hotel, honeycomb pavilion, pavilion, bee hive, muttersholtz archi festival

The Muttersholtz Archi Festival took place last September and brought together students, architects and artists interested in sustainable development and eco-tourism. Groups built simple and modest habitats that were a mix of land art, contemporary art, and architecture. Among them was AtelierD’s Hotel for Bees, a 20 sq meter pavilion for both bees and humans alike. Built from wood, the pavilion features one wall of hexagonal compartments filled with various bits and pieces like bricks, twigs, reeds, bark, hay and more. The densely packed materials create ideal spots for wild bees to scurry into and seek refuge. Wild bees are just as important in nature for pollination as the more domesticated variety and built homes such as this encourage their continued success.

On the other side, the pavilion is made for humans with a shady room featuring the same hexagonal panels. The panels are also used to create benches, seating and cubbies to put things in. From the backside in the pavilion visitors can also observe the bees up close and watch them go about their lives. The K-Abeilles Hotel for Bees is an extra large bee hive that acts as a refuge for both bees and humans and encourages them to co-mingle and enjoy nature.

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Images ©Stephane Spach