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The Augustenborg Botanical Gardenin Sweden illustrates the fact that green roofs aren’t limited to just one color – they can be red, yellow, white and even pink. Planted on top of industrial and office buildings belonging to Malmö City, the public gardens add a kick of saturated color to the district with their funky star-shaped patterns and hanging greenery. Whether professional botanists, green thumb wannabes or just people trying to laze the day away, visitors can stroll the garden’s roof level walkways learning about new species and admiring the fields of lush flowers and grasses.

Since the unique garden is on top of a roof, it doesn’t take up any valuable ground space, and it does double duty as a recreational area for the employees of the facilities maintenance offices it resides upon. Although there actually is one part of the park that spills onto the ground level – a quaint pond. The garden is also interesting in that it doesn’t just occupy one roof. The entire park actually spans (what looks like) 3 separate rooftops and is about 9500 m² altogether.

Augustenborg’s Botanical Roof Garden is part of a larger project called EcoCity Augustenborg, a plan to clean and green the neighborhood and accompanying municipal industrial site. So far, the initiative has been very successful; the housing area now has open storm water management, lovely green areas (as evidenced by what you see above), waste recycling, and strategies to save energy and to produce local renewable energy.


Green roofs like the Augustenborg Botanical Garden reduce the urban heat island effect, insulate interior spaces, and help minimize stormwater runoff. Plus it’s pretty obvious that this one brightens up the neighborhood and is a great green public space.

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Photos © Mercy & Canuche (Used with permission)