In an attempt to transform the urban slums of São Paulo, the National Renova SP Competition asked for proposals to redevelop the 22 different neighborhood of the city. AUM Arquiteto’s proposal for the Jardim Japão I neighborhood creates green spaces in the currently heavily trafficked area. The innovative complexes have large inner courtyards for residents to enjoy, while also restructuring the roadways to be more residentially friendly.

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The current neighborhood is a mesh of unwelcoming and underused lots, faced with two major expressways. The new project would reconfigure the expressways, creating a large median that would become a linear park that sits on both sides of an existing stream. The park strip would be thickly planted and lined with trees, with pedestrian paths and relaxation areas for the community. Taking the existing stream as an important point for the area’s revitalization, the proposal will clean it up and create a floodplain area that would feed the vegetation and extend the park. Square bridges, built over the stream, connect the road to the new apartment complexes, and also create deck like leisure areas.

Along the stream and linear park, a new commercial complex will be built that features a green community garden roof, providing sustainable food to the area, as well as creating jobs. The apartments themselves are triangular shaped structures, with private parks in the center of each. Balconies and large windows will be highlighted to encourage natural light and ventilation to keep costs down for the low income residents. With AUM Arquiteto’s plan, the former slums can flourish with the new complex, with a focus on green spaces as a means to a higher quality of life.

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