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Set back from the street, the Auneau Cultural Center is clad in a high performance concrete skin and glazed glass curtains, together keeping energy use low while efficiently making the climate comfortable indoors. To offset energy from the grid, solar panels are installed along the roof, and the building is kept warm from a heat pump.

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Inside, the massive glass façade fills the interior with lighting. The first floor hosts a large lobby and meeting area, as well as a senior center, and a teen center for socializing, flexible classes and lectures. The double height second floor boasts an impressive multi-media library, complete with study areas, comfortable furniture, and computer desks. The glass façade follows the angles of the pitched roof, creating an uninterrupted view of the town below. An angled overhanging eave extends from the roof, blocking the interior from direct sun rays, while also creating a sheltered area along the public plaza outside. The second floor also houses staff offices and meeting rooms.

The cultural center’s top floor to the rear of the building focuses on the ceiling’s exposed beams. Here, the dance and gymnastics practice rooms give a cultural space for local community groups to exercise.

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