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Robson collects her own PET bottles or creates job opportunities for street people who collect bottles in shopping carts. Sometimes she even uses waste collected at the various firms that commission her to do pieces, creating a special awareness for their employees, who see their inconsequential trash transformed into something that is very nearly mythical. She uses no synthetic materials and the non-toxic water-based colors are airbrushed on.

Robson told Myoo that the bright colors and fun shapes draw viewers in, but once they arrive to the piece and notice her work is made entirely out of trash, it sometimes generates a visceral negative reaction in them. And this is exactly the response she hopes to achieve. Not only does she “interrupt the waste stream” instead of creating more unnecessary stuff, but she is currently working on teaming up with ocean and river cleanup organizations so that she can do more work using waste that polluted our waterways. She is an incredibly talented artist with big heart.

+ Aurora Robson

Via Myoo