One Australian company will soon begin selling raw milk in a country, like many others, where selling raw milk is against the law. The Australian government prohibits the sale of unpasteurized cow’s milk due to health risks, but Sydney-based Made By Cow’s founder found a loophole that allows his company to sell “cold pressed” cow’s milk without getting in trouble. In fact, the company has already obtained regulatory approval to sell its unpasteurized milk in New South Wales (NSW) and could expand sales to other territories as production increases.

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Due to Made By Cow’s unique processing method, which is not unlike those used for bottles juices, the resulting milk product doesn’t technically fall into the same category as the raw milk barred by Australian law. Yesterday, the NSW Food Authority approved the company’s product for sale. Made By Cow is now selling its “cold pressed” cow’s milk, which is bottled just 15 minutes after the cow is milked. The 750mL bottles containing the “closest thing to raw milk” are available for $5 each in select stores.

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Made By Cow’s founder Saxon Joye said there are no concerns about the safety of his company’s milk. The heat-free processing technique uses cold water to compress the milk, which Joye says removes all harmful microorganisms without interfering with the nutrients that pasteurization destroys. “Good herd management, hygienic milking techniques, and the cold pressure method have meant we can put 100-percent safe, raw milk onto supermarket shelves,” Joye told the Sydney Morning Herald. Because the milk goes from cow to bottle in around 15 minutes, there are less opportunities for spoilage or contamination.

In a press release, Joye further extols the virtues of raw milk. “Other than our dairy farmers, our grandparents were probably the last people to taste milk the way it’s supposed to be, without heat pasteurization, homogenization and all the other processes that go into making standardized milk,” he wrote. “We’ve developed a revolutionary new method, that allows people to drink delicious, creamy and wholesome, cold pressed raw milk the way it’s supposed to be.”

Joye’s dairy cows were unavailable for comment.

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