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Sphere2 is situated adjacent to the facility’s existing buildings, which were built using pre-fabricated KLH panels. The new building makes use of concrete and masonry construction clad with raw steel plates, contrasting with the weathered wood siding of the original project. Sphere2 stands three stories tall to match the height of the original live/work building, however it slopes down to one story in order to respect neighboring buildings. The new, yet weathered building holds a large creative studio, conference rooms, a kitchen, an exercise room, a climbing wall, and a small apartment for creative guests at the lowest end of the building.

Two dynamic balcony volumes punctuate the building to provide extra ceiling height, and clerestory windows suffuse the space with daylight. Concrete radiant heating floors are part of a simple, raw material palette that contributes to a casual yet controlled design aesthetic. The photovoltaic system on the roof provides some renewable energy for the building, while a connection to a remote biomass heating plant and the radiant floors provides energy-efficient heating. High performance insulation and prefabricated wall panels maximize the heating and cooling. Sphere2 adds an additional 520 sq meters of office and mixed use space to Zooom’s existing facilities.

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