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During the knockout stage, competing vehicles had to pass a series of technical inspections and on-track safety tests. Vehicles not only had to complete emissions, efficiency, and range events, but they also had to achieve fuel economy (67 MPGe) and range requirements (134 miles for Mainstream class entries and 67 miles for the Alternative class). Cars in the Mainstream class must seat at least four passengers, have four wheels, and have a minimum 200 mile range, while cars in the Alternative class must seat at least two passengers with a minimum 100 mile range and no minimum on the number of wheels.

Cars to watch out for in the next few months of competition include Finland’s RaceAbout, the X-Tracer, and Team Li-ion Motors. Follow the X-Prize updates through their facebook page, or check out the website for standings and data on each car. Progress Insurance, who sponsors the Automotive X-Prize will be doling out $10 million in prize money to the winners in each class come September.

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Car photos credits: Progressive X-Prize Facebook Page

Lead Image credit: Edison2