Industrial designer Mark Richardson has transformed a slew of salvaged materials into an awesome DIY velomobile! The Monash University lecturer began collecting old wheels, bike parts, and wheelchairs to break apart for the velomobile’s components. Made in part with 3D printed parts, the FAB Velo is our favorite new mode of green transportation.

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The modular FAB velomobile was designed to inspire others to build their own from old parts and salvaged materials at home. Robinson collected deck chairs, disability aids like wheelchairs, walkers and safety chairs, broke them down into parts and then used the pieces to build the FAB Velo frame. The back wheel was sourced from an old bicycle, while the two front wheels were taken from a sturdy wheelchair. The outer covering was made from tent canvas and discarded clear PVC from an advertising box, after Richardson test recycled paper, cardboard, trampoline skins and umbrella fabric. All of the parts were joined together with 3D-printed bushings with store-bought bearings.

Richardson constructed the FAB Velo to be the same height as the average sedan automobile so that the driver’s eye is at the same level as other traffic and used easy to source materials and easy to access tools in order to encourage other DIY-ers to make their own with ease. The designer plans to release detailed instructions online later this year.

+ Monash University

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