AYA is a clothing brand with a mission to not only offer sustainably made, single-source clothing but to be a transparent example of how the textile industry can clean up its act. As we know, fast fashion does irreparable damage to the environment through material and water consumption, factory waste and pollution. AYA set out to change all that with organic cotton clothing made in Peru.

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From material selection to shipping practices, the company maintains three primary goals. The first is to make clothes that are 100% plastic free. Every fiber avoids polyester, lycra, nylon, acrylic and other sources of plastic materials with the understanding that even small bits of plastic contribute to the massive amounts of primary and microplastics in our water, air and soil. The clothing is made from 100% organic Peruvian cotton, as are the threads and the labels. In addition, elastic bands are made from tree rubber and cotton.

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The second goal is to rely on natural dyes. In exploring the history and customs of the country, AYA adopted many traditional sources of plant dyes for their clothing. While they haven’t achieved 100% plant-based dyeing processes, the company is transparent in its successes thus far, offering two options for consumers.

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The low-impact dyes are GOTS-certified due to its non-toxic nature and high-absorption rate, reducing water consumption. Products are also available with natural dyes, such as those colors created from plants, such as Indigo blue and Eucalyptus gray. Of course, the most sustainable option is the undyed white cotton.

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The third company goal is to maintain a single-origin supply chain. Inasmuch, every part of the supply chain calls Peru home. In fact, all materials are sourced within the country. All manufacturing takes place within the country, too. This mission is important to AYA so it can monitor every phase of production and provide honest transparency about its partnerships. Localized sourcing and production also mean a lower carbon footprint.

The company has future plans to continue making plastic-free, biodegradable clothing and transition to a facility powered by solar, among other goals around sustainability. 


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