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The two main features of the project are the central stair dubbed “the jewel”, fabricated by Melissa Mac Donald, and the light wells that illuminate the interior, while cross ventilation allows the air to be regularly replaced. The stair features precise, mechanical joinery between stainless steel and patina-ed steel members, as well as with the laminated oaktreads, showing a high level of craft and care. The staircase acts as the core of the house that connects all three levels of the building.

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The open-plan second floor provides free movement through the kitchen, dining area and the living room. The office spills out onto a new deck, creating a fluid link to the south garden. Three bedrooms occupy the new top story, including a master bedroom and bathroom suite. Locally made ceramic tiles dominate the interiors and were carefully selected to create a high level of indoor environmental health.

+ Bach Architects

+ Melissa MacDonald Metalworks

Photos by Mariko Reed