Designers at the Bali Ecological Center drew inspiration from giant wasp nests to create this charming green wall. The modular vertical garden is made from terracotta by skilled local craftsmen in Bali. Plants can be exposed in both directions, and the planter can be arranged according your tastes or needs. The Bali Eco Green Wall provides additional green space indoors or out, while functioning as a space partition, light screen, or standard wall.

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The green wall can help cool the sides of a building from direct sunlight by providing an extra layer of insulation, thus reducing indoor cooling needs, and the plants improve air quality and carbon sequestration. Additionally, the planters help reduce noise from traffic and other urban nuisances from building interiors, and the plants help to regularte the temperature and humidity.

The Bali Eco Center chose terracotta as the material is eco-friendly, and Bali has a long history of terracotta craftsmen. The porous material allows great water retention to guarantee a perfect growing environment for your plants. Pots are available in different colors, and frames are available in recycled beach wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and painted carbon steel.

+ Bali Ecological Center

Thanks to Yulia Wati at the Bali Ecological Center for this story submission!