Famously anonymous British street artist Banksy has set up shop in NYC for the month of October, and is already making waves in the art world with his curious “Mobile Waterfall.” The roving exhibit is located in the back of an old delivery truck and will be on show at various locations around the city as part of the artist’s “Better Out Than In” series. As cool as this mobile artpiece is, we can’t help but find it uncannily reminiscent of Kim Holleman’s Trailer Park, a real park in the back of a trailer that has been traveling the streets of New York for several years now.

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Mobile Waterfall is a living diorama unlike most of the graffiti artist’s other spray-painted works that tow the line between art and defacing public property. The inside of the box truck was completely converted to included a miniature green paradise complete with plants, a miniature bridge and even a waterfall that pumps out over 22 gallons of water per minute according to an audio log describing the project on Banksy’s site.

In case you missed it, Banksy’s latest work will be rolling around New York for the rest of the month, stopping at a different neighborhood everyday starting after dusk. So far it’s already made visits to the East Village as well as Harlem. If you want to know where the green truck is tonight, you should follow Banksy on Instagram and also check out the new artworks he will be adding throughout the city everyday.

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