Bamboo just seems to be the perfect wood alternative, particularly for building hot eco-friendly urban slide boards. It is a renewable, fast growing natural grass, perfect for handling risky skate tricks, as it is naturally very resistant to breakage. We know that maple skateboards are a top contributor to maple deforestation, so it makes sense to adopt this grass like material and enjoy a ride on the next eco-friendly small-scale urban vehicle.

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A longboard is a longer skateboard, hence more stable, from the surfer culture in California’s mid 60s. It was born as an alternative to surfing to fulfill adrenaline junkies’ fixes when there were no waves. This bamboo model was designed by Buenos Aires based duo Banzai, who are passionate about extreme sports and looking after the environment. The main idea is to create a responsible sports brand that intends to preserve the places where these sports get practiced — water, snow, land — as well as focusing on the community instead of the competition.

Banzi’s first product is the longboard, an idea that came out while at a Metropolitan Centre of Design in Buenos Aires’ Bamboo Workshop. Perfect for bike lanes or combining with public transport, this fun and healthy urban eco-transport is a great way to get from here to there while getting fit!

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Photos © Banzai Boards