Barco, a healthcare apparel company, emphasizes sustainability and humanitarian efforts in its operations.

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The company’s designers and pattern makers in Los Angeles meticulously create each garment, ensuring the highest quality. Prototypes are tested by healthcare professionals to gather feedback before going into production, demonstrating Barco’s commitment to excellence and making the job of healthcare professionals easier.

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From the beginning, Barco has been dedicated to innovation, utilizing fabric technologies and tailoring techniques to create uniforms that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and durable. They were the first to use nylon in uniforms, making them wrinkle-free to reduce ironing and saving nurses time and energy. Additionally, Barco introduced pant suits and modern medical scrub sets, which remain popular in the healthcare industry.

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Furthermore, recognizing their responsibility to care for the environment, Barco focused on sustainability. They have developed fabrics that incorporate recycled plastic bottles, such as in their Barco One and Skechers by Barco lines. Through this material selection, Barco recycled over 40 million plastic bottles since 2016. Barco One offers athleisure-inspired scrubs with sustainable performance fabric, while Skechers by Barco scrubs provide comfort and style in vibrant colors and prints, with each set made from 14 recycled plastic bottles.

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Moreover, Barco has prioritized inclusivity in their designs. They were the first to offer tops and bottoms separately, catering to a range of sizes and body shapes. Fashion scrubs with print tops were another Barco innovation that remains popular today.

Beyond their sustainability efforts, Barco’s Chairman of the Board, Michael Donner and his wife Frida established the Barco’s Nightingales Foundation (BNF) in 2008. Inspired by healthcare professionals’ life-saving work, BNF focuses on providing services to children worldwide. In Haiti, BNF has initiated a food program benefitting 6,000 families in remote villages. 

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Additionally, the foundation has constructed seven solar water wells to provide safe drinking water in these communities. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Barco donated over 35,000 scrubs to frontline healthcare professionals and essential workers, while BNF contributed 350,000 masks to six local hospitals in California. These efforts reflect Barco’s belief that caring for others is a broad spectrum endeavor. 

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