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The the city of Bari launched a redesign competition to transform the railway site into a more pedestrian and environmentally friendly area. Drawing inspiration from projects like New York City’s High Line Park, the proposal seeks to unite the city that the railway cuts through.

Monras and Fuksas’ winning design connects the areas segmented by the train by creating a common thread – the elevated park/promenade. Aside from creating new green space, the park also offers residents and visitors views of the city and the nearby sea without disturbing the railway track below. A bike path will line the elevated park, opening up another avenue for eco transportation.

Both sides of the track will be planted extensively with trees and greenery, improving air quality while doubling the green space in the area. Along the project, existing buildings will be repurposed into cultural and arts centers, as well as administrative offices, theaters, a library, and exhibition space. Each building in the proposal will act as a cultural invigorator, revamping the music and arts of Bari.

+ Jordi Henrich

+ Studio Fuksas

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Images ©Studio Fuksas and ©Mentnafunangann