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The new and improved access route will serve thousands of visitors approaching the city from the traditional arrival point at the foot of the bastions. Increased demands of the structure mean it now has a much larger footprint, along with a stronger vertical presence amongst the skyline of the historic harbor. By pulling the two lifts apart, architects were able to thread a staircase between the newly formed gap. Apart from meeting required safety standards, this addition enhances the structure’s vertical profile.

Geometric qualities were used to mimic the angular forms of the bastion walls, and the corrugated edges of the aluminum skin helped to make use of light as it hit the structure, once again emphasizing its height amongst the other imposing structures that surround it. Mesh was also used to mask the glazed surface of the lifts within, harking back to the original form of the cage lifts, all the while providing shade and protection to passengers on their journey.

The Barrakka Lift project required a certain rigor to resolve the conflict between maintaining the historic nature of the site and meeting the demands for better access, which stem from cultural and economic considerations.

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