A black labrador named Bazz has joined the global ranks of beekeepers who are fighting to save the world’s pollinators – and he even has an adorable custom suit to protect him on the job. Like Boneco the donkey in Brazil, Bazz does important but dangerous work: his owner, Josh Kennett from Australia, trained him to sniff out American foulbrood disease, an incurable disease that can decimate bee populations if it isn’t detected early.

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Usually only detected under a very powerful microscope, the worst affects of American foulbrood disease can be averted if isolated early. That’s where Bazz comes in. Equipped with his suit that protects him from being stung by bees, he can sniff out near-invisible Paenibacillus larvae that proliferate as a result of the disease.

As a result, his owner Josh can then remove the infected bees from the hive so that the disease does not spread. Albeit an intrepid and loyal sniffer dog, Bazz isn’t in love with his work garment – even though it was made just for him.

“The only challenge now is getting the dog comfortable with the suit. It’s hard to change a dog’s habits overnight,” Josh told ABC Rural.

Via Treehugger, ABC Rural

Images via Josh Kennett