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Photo: © Theo Kamecke

To create his incredibly intricate chests, sculptures and boxes Kamecke uses a technique called marquetry, a popular veneering method used by furniture makers. But unlike the traditionalists who are keen on the use of wood, bone and shell, Kamecke’s take aptly incorporates thetechnologyof this day and age. With each piece of  circuit board, he careful discerns the embedded pattern and then transfers it onto the furniture that he builds himself from hardwood. And like a true artist who often finds himself in the wraths of self-conflict, though he says he doesn’t like carpentry much, he constructs every one of his pieces to be certain the form is correct.

All of Kamecke’s circuit boards are from his collection of vintage remnants dating back to the late 60s. But don’t call this guy a computer geek — he says he’s in fact “down there on the lower rungs when it comes to technology.” What Kamecke really hopes is that his work will be appreciated by anyone who understands and sees beauty in technology.

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