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Each of the three temporary pavilions will rise from the Black Rock Desert to provide a rendezvous spot and shelter for 2015 Burners, and they all experiment with materials, geometry and design in very interesting ways, but that is basically where their similarities lie. Tobias Power took inspiration from designs in nature, such as the helix, to create an interactive structure with intersecting parts. “A figure of our memories, a myriad of our existence, its infinitude transcends time breathing life into the playa,” writes Power. “A rest for our minds, a shelter for our bodies, an eternal, unbreakable, everlasting chain.”

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Jon Leung’s Bismuth Bivouac is inspired by the surfaces of bismuth crystals, and a bivouac is a temporary camp without cover typically used by soldiers or mountaineers. This structure is designed to provide some shelter with a medley of geometries merging around a central space. At night, it will be lit up with multicolored LED lights that will “mimic the mesmerizing iridescent colours of bismuth crystals.”

Reflection by Lorna Jackson provides an intimate space for festival goers to share their innermost secrets. Made of eight Spiralhedrons mirrored along all axis, the origami pavilion creates a plywood enclosure similar to a bonafide carnival of mirrors. “Upon its burning at the end of the festival, ‘Reflection’ becomes a resting place for the confessions, secrets and stories of its burners, allowing new bonds to be formed.”

Frankly, and perhaps only someone who has never been to Burning Man would dare to say this out loud, it seems wasteful to buy all these materials and ship them half way across the world just to watch them fry in the Nevada desert. That said, these designers are doing all the work themselves, and embody the principles that make Burning Man so special to those who go back year after year – communal spirit, radical self-expression and self-reliance and offering gifts with no expectations of return. You can give them a kickstart if you like by donating a bit of cash here.


Via Arch Daily