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Herault Arnod Architectes, Scenographic Installations, Serre Chevailer Vallée, France, layered, local wood, shelters, skii resort, Architecture, Eco Tourism, Green Materials, habitable sculptures

Scattered throughout the beautiful ski resort of Serre Chevailer Vallée, Herault Arnod Architectes’ habitable sculptures were created for a project called “Snow Culture”. The goal of the project was to point out thematic tours showcasing historical stories and trails around the area. The structures are made of parallel plywood arcs, and they were built off-site and transported with a helicopter.

All the layered huts have identical structures (although some are painted snow white), and they give the paths a unique visual identity. Their organic shapes mimic the sinuous environment, and they’re designed to be dismantled once their time has come. These sculptural shelters made from local wood are like tiny galleries in the snow.

+ Herault Arnod Architectes

Photos by Herault Arnod Architectes