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The design for this inviting eco-vacation retreat was inspired by the surrounding pitched roof farmhouses and abundant eucalyptus forests peppered across the steep hillside encompassing the site. Six modules measuring 6 meters long by 3 meters wide were set in place with a crane to form the first floor, and prefabricated panels were added on the second floor to create an attic space/bonus room under the roof. Another module was set on the far end of the site to serve as the bedroom, with the program implementing a movable partition wall to further divided if desired. Two modules contain the bathroom, stairs and kitchen and the last three provide a living room for the residence.

Onsite waste was kept to a minimum as the modules were constructed offsite using beams and galvanized steel columns for the frame and composite decking with reinforced concrete to create the floor and ceiling. The roof and perimeter walls have all been clad with Viroc®, a prefabricated mixture of cement and wood shavings, which is characteristically strong, lightweight and fortuitously resemble the colors of the eucalyptus forests nearby. The front and back of the structure have been covered in Cor-ten steel and perforated with a pattern design reflecting the trees and underscoring an interplay between nature and the building. All pieces of the home traveled 700 km from the factory to the remote coastal location and were then assembled over just three days.


Via ArchDaily

photo credits: ©Fernando Guerra/FG+SG