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Sonoma Barn, Michael Hennessey Architecture, barn renovation, living shade screen, sonoma, vineyard

The large metal barn structure was renovated and brought back to life as a multi-purpose building for use by the vineyard’s owners. The first level includes a large storage space, a workshop, a bathroom and a music room. Two sets of stairs access the upper level where there is a mezzanine, bathroom, exercise room and more storage. White walls create contrast with the dark metal structural system, and daylight bounces off the white corrugated ceiling into the center of the space.

Two operable skylights encourage natural ventilation via the stack effect, which draws warm air up and out of the building. The project is oriented to the east and west, so it was already primed to take advantage of passive solar design. A thin, long window was cut into the south side so that the home could take advantage of the high sun angle. A large floor-to-ceiling window on the north provides lots of daylighting and views of the vineyard. On the southwest corner a large metal screen offset from the building is impregnated with green vines, which will eventually overtake the structure. This shade screen protects the building from the hot afternoon sun and adds an important natural element to the otherwise industrial looking building.

Images © Michael Hennessay Architecture