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The intricate details of the colorful wings of butterflies and moths are revealed in Gledhill’s gorgeous photographs, taken with a macro lens for an amazing close perspective. Each photograph shows the surprisingly well-organized structure of patterns and textures, made up of tiny pieces that look like fine flower petals.

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Gledhill’s photographs show the vast differences that exist between different butterfly species. Each petal, which is really like a feathery-textured fish scale, differs in shape, color and arrangement. From afar, the wings of these butterflies and moths are equally beautiful, but just look like continuous blocks of color. With Gledhill’s macro lens, viewers can see the hundreds of different colored scales that make up the appearance of one tone, including shimmering iridescence that isn’t as noticeable without magnification. The photographer and biochemist has turned his macro lens on everything from snowflakes to soap and plants, exploring the grandeur of all things microscopic.

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Images ©Linden Gledhill