“Dig into the groove!” If you want to be spinning jams into the afterlife, get your ashes pressed into a vinyl record. As an alternative to anaerobic decomposition, UK-based company And Vinyly offers the chance to speak to loved ones though recordings, dance mixes, thematic compilations, or the pop and crackle of ash on vinyl. And all for a mere $4,000. Read on to learn more about Resting In Vinyl.

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You’ll be issued in a series of 30 records of about 24 minutes total. You can also have your portrait painted for the record sleeve by James Hague of the National Portait Gallery. You can even opt to have yourself distributed to music stores. And if you don’t want to buy the whole farm, And Vinyly will accept parts of you to vinylize. Just in case you’d like, say, your eyeballs in a compost pile. Happy Halloween.

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