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Behnisch Architekten just announced their win in the design competition for the new Agora Cancer Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland. The new centre will bring together hundreds of researchers, scientists, doctors and clinicians who need to work together and share their expertise. ISREC’s main goal was to have a building that would foster communication and Behnisch’s design was chosen because it addressed their concerns in a holistic and functional way. The new center will sit between an existing dense urban corridor and a zone of nature and seeks to address both equally and create a harmonious transition.

The multi-story building features a high performance skin to enhance daylight into the entire building, while minimizing heat gain. Some zones can enjoy operable windows for natural ventilation. A green roof tops the building and provides additional recreation space. The building will make use of renewable energy and onsite energy systems to create a sustainable working environment. Construction is expected to be complete in 2016.

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Images ©Behnisch Architekten