For the fashionista who just isn’t satisfied with a 6-inch stiletto comes United Nude’s UNX2, an entirely 3D-printed shoe that will give the ladies the towering hoof-like legs they desire. Created by UNStudio founder Ben van Berkel, the hoof… er,  shoe… is currently showing at the exhibition Re-Inventing the Shoes at the Milan Design Week. All kidding aside, the designers wanted to showcase the mechanics of the human foot using modern technology (and a definitively modern look). “We were particularly interested in the kinds of images the shoe could create, both when static and when in motion. When the wearer is still, the curve of the foot can be glimpsed within the shoe and the dynamics of movement are suggested by the curving vertical ribbons that envelop it. However, once the wearer begins to move, shifting levels of transparency are created and the vertical lines create a staccato rhythm reminiscent of early stop-motion photography. The UNX2 shoe creates patterns of movement and produces a dynamic form of image-making through motion,” said van Berkel.

+ United Nude

+ UNStudio/Ben van Berkel

+ Milan Design Week