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Maubrey is in charge of Die Audio Gruppe and is an audio artist, incorporating various forms of music and electronics into living and stationary sculptures. He is also well known for his Audio Ballerinas – dancers who wear speaker tutus and make music based on their movements. The artist has also incorporated speakers into a model of the Berlin Wall, a discarded Stalinist monument, a shipping container, a guillotine, suitcases, apartment mailboxes and a bathtub. Most of the sculptures broadcast people’s voices as well.

The Speaker Wall, which was part of the Le Quai-Forum des Arts Vivants/Angers Accroche-Coeurs Festival in 2011, is a long wall that resembles the Berlin Wall. In fact, Maubrey incorporated an actual piece of the real wall in the center, which is then surrounded by 1000 speakers, amplifiers and tuners. People could then call up the sculpture ( tel Nr: 0033 2 41 42 23 18) and speak into an answering machine that recorded their voices. The recording was then played over the speakers, which functioned as a “Speakers Corner“ through which people could speak. The sculpture was also used as a PA for the festival.

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